You know how it goes:

You’re cruising along just fine and then *#blam!^%.

You hit rock bottom.

(You know it’s not really rock bottom. You get that things could be a hell of a lot worse. But, even if it’s hormonal, you still feel like gum on the bottom of an old shoe.)

So you go through your usual cheer-ups:

Chat with a friend, walk in the woods, some super-good chocolate… maybe you even resort to a mani/pedi or massage.

And it all flat-lines.

You’re pretty certain that you need a Harry Potter cloak and wand to pull you out of this one.

And you’re right:

Sometimes only a bit of magic, a bit of woo, can cure da funk.

A lot of everyday magic spools from a spoonful of attention and a dash of serendipity. And while attention often leads to serendipity, it feels like a waiting game (and even 5 extra minutes in a funk is 5 minutes too many).

So how do you turn on da woo when you are in da funk?

My A-number-1 go-to is oracle cards, like the Animal Spirit deck or Earth Magic cards.

This is all about perspective people. As in, change yours.

Oracle cards give you a different lens on your current situation, and that can shed a light into and onto da funk.

When you are open to it, the world has so much magic to share. In those moments, all things are linked, and there is no coincidence.

Once you win back the woo, the things that were bothering you often seem, well, mundane.

How do you reconnect when you are in da funk? Comment below!