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Hive Mind: Harnessing the Power of Community

Moon Gatherings. Sisterhood Circles. Business Masterminds…

Can these get-togethers really make your life better? Or are they just another to-do on your calendar?

Let’s start with a resounding YES! (hear that echoing off tall buildings, short mountains, and bouncing off the rim of your coffee cup?). Being a part of a community can make your life richer and yummier. Simply basking in the glow of connection can heal a lot of hurts.

Each of these get-togethers serve different personal needs:

✦ Moon Gatherings are about ritual. They’re a joint space to set intentions and celebrate the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

✦ Sisterhood Circles are about being witnessed, heard, and held as you walk yourself through life’s more challenging moments.

But what if you’re feeling lost or confused or alone and want to harness the power of community to help you move forward? read more…


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