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6 Little Questions That’ll Change Your Life

What happens when you give yourself permission to change your life?

There’s a fascinating phenomenon I’ve observed with my students and, in the past, with clients: once someone signs up for a program, whether it’s for wellness or witchery, their life starts moving and shifting. It’s as if they’ve given the Universe the thumbs-up and the Universe responds with a resonant Hurrah! and gets to work.

While this sudden momentum can be uncomfortable, most folks who sign on to work with me are looking for knowledge, growth, change, and a deeper sense of authenticity. When I worked with clients, I’d ask six questions to ignite this inner-journey. These innocuous little questions would appear in a potential client’s inbox to start their energy moving in a different way:

“The result was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders and illumination of new and old spaces in my mind and spirit. I felt like I reconnected with past dreams and hopes and made some amount of peace with my current life transition. I cried as I read and since the reading I feel healed and energized in a very powerful way.”

Simply working with these questions is a journey in and of itself. If you’re feeling ready to shift and grow, read on! read more…

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