The Illustrated Bestiary

2019 Nautilus Silver Award Winner & Best Seller

“O’Hara’s bright, bold colors and energetic designs match Toll’s impassioned prose… This poetic, gorgeous oracle deck will make a perfect gift for spiritual animal lovers.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Discover the mystical, meaningful traits of 36 powerful animals and explore how those traits can guide our intentions, inform our actions, and offer wisdom and insight. Spring Peeper’s ability to reemerge from frozen hibernation can inspire us to reinvent ourselves. Katydid’s five eyes can lend clarity of vision when we need to see the bigger picture. A deck of 36 oracle cards beautifully illustrated by Kate O’Hara, plus suggested rituals, readings, and reflections, guide you in cultivating and accessing each animal’s special energy.

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“A quintessential companion for Magizoologists and witches and wizards alike who appreciate the magical creatures in the wizarding world, The Illustrated Bestiary is a perfect addition to your collection.” — Mugglenet Review

“Inspiring rituals, contemplation of mythology and cultural traditions, and evocative art work together to create a spiritual guide to animals that uplifts, guides, and encourages self-reflection.” — Arin Murphy-Hiscock, author of The Green Witch

The Illustrated Bestiary Collectible Box Set

“This book is enchanting — a dive into the wonder, wisdom, and healing offered to us by the natural world.” — Dr. Linda Bender, author of Animal Wisdom: Learning From the Spiritual Lives of Animals

This collectible box set combines the second book in Maia Toll’s Wild Wisdom series, The Illustrated Bestiary, with a freestanding deck of 36 large, gilt-edged oracle cards and a cloth carrying bag for keeping animal wisdom close at hand. Together, the book and the cards explore the ancient, mystical connection between humans and other members of the animal kingdom, and guide readers in channeling animal energy through ritual and meditation. For fans of Maia Toll’s insightful writing and Kate O’Hara’s beautiful art, as well as animal lovers and devotees of tarot, witchcraft, and mysticism, this special edition makes a truly distinctive gift.

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The Illustrated Bestiary Puzzle: Monarch Butterfly (750 pieces)

“If Monarch Butterfly appears in your life, it’s time to begin the shedding, digesting your past, and doing the work that prepares you for flight.” – Maia Toll, The Illustrated Bestiary

Connect with the animal kingdom and celebrate change with Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus). Through the intricate linework and lush colors of illustrator Kate O’Hara’s art, this puzzle highlights the beauty and resilience of Monarch’s Butterfly’s metamorphosis. As described in Maia Toll’s best-selling book The Illustrated Bestiary, Monarch Butterfly goes into her chrysalis with only the barest idea of who she will become. There, she transforms, creating wings to gift herself with flight. Channel Monarch Butterfly’s powers of renewal as you place each piece and watch her emerge.

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Book news plus exclusive invitations. (Think: online magical gatherings, book clubs, & writing retreats!)