Sometimes the best medicine is the simplest:

Dancing in the kitchen or making time for writing. Starting the day with a gratitude or creating a small sacred space.

Over and over again, I’ve seen small changes reap big rewards.

A few years back I had a client who lost 30 pounds.

Her diet? Sitting down to eat in the park across from her office (instead of while working at her desk) and taking a few seconds to be present and grateful before eating.

Another client was able to resume square dancing after a few weeks of doing alternate hot and cold foot baths after years of arthritic foot pain.

Often we are looking for a dramatic change or a miraculous healing, when what we need is actually just a few action steps (or physical steps!) from where we are right now.

Before I left Philadelphia, I stopped by the Chestnut Hill Herbiary one last time. I was thrilled to see the rose that I had planted along the front fence truly flourishing.

The fence was the rose’s third home since I had brought it to the garden.

In the first spot, a corner behind the shop, the rose had looked leafless and miserable. It never flowered.

So after two years, I moved it up near the front porch. That year it gained a few leaves and an occasional rose.

Still, it always seemed to be reaching, stretching its limbs toward the very front of the garden.

So I moved it again, seven feet forward and a few feet to the right.

Now, any rosarian (that’s the fancy name for rose gardeners) will tell you that roses hate to be moved.

But I have always suspected that plants, like people, try to get to the place where they can flourish and thrive…

…And often, that place is not so very far from where you are standing right now.

For the rose, it was seven feet forward and a bit to the right.

How about you?

How far are you from being in a place where you can truly flourish?

Need some plant spirit support for breaking new ground?

Work with yellow dock. This plant deeply connects you back to your source. It is a champ at breaking through compacted soil and so helps us to break through compacted ideas and contracted lifestyles. If you are taking it internally, use it short-term and mindfully–this plant has umph!

What small movement or change would let you be your most abundant, lush, and beautiful self? Share it with me in the comments below!