Journaling gives us a window back to who we have been…

…And that becomes a measure for how far we have come.

I journal back and forth with my clients and, sometimes, at the end of the journey, I take a look back.

This morning (after weird dreams of escaping a coming genocide in a hover craft that looked like a surf board), I am thumbing through a year-long dance with a woman who came to me as a Woo-Wallflower.

I actually remember her saying during one of our first meetings, “yeah, I’m not into all that Witchy stuff.” And she promptly set about discussing the intricacies of the sulfation pathway.

But, slowly, we moved into a wider worldview. A view that found relief in metaphor and myth, that learned from the turning of the tides and the stillness of a stone.

It’s easy to underestimate the power of the natural world, to overlook the depth of metaphoric magic that this relationship can bring into our own lives.

The natural world can teach us of time and transformation, of growth and death.

We unconsciously gravitate toward the lessons and metaphors that we need in this lifetime:

My house is full of feathers and bird sculptures. Andrew has an affinity for fish. My father’s mother collected swans and my mother’s mother, butterflies.

Butterflies come up often in transformational work… and just as often their strength is overlooked.

Early in the dual-journal I kept with my Ex-Woo-Wallflower client, I found this conversation:

Her: Butterflies are too ephemeral. Too fragile. Too prone to predation. This shift feels far more… full of power.

Me: First off, missy, butterflies are awesome. The little caterpillar goes into its cocoon and it dissolves.

It. Completely. Dissolves.

If you open a cocoon, you won’t find either a caterpillar or a butterfly—you will find DNA soup.

Butterfly Medicine teaches us about complete transformation and regeneration. It tells us how to be beautiful after turning into a soupy mess.

(Don’t believe me? Check it out here.)

No knocking butterflies on my watch. Anything that can dissolve to slime and then flit around chasing rainbows wins my respect hands-down.

It is miraculous to witness a caterpillar’s journey to butterfly and equally so a person’s transfiguration through a Butterfly year.

We are all capable of emerging from a life dissolved to goo to become creatures of flight.

And that’s true Medicine, isn’t it? The Medicine that holds us, like a cocoon, through the transformation from solid to liquid, reforming us in a new shape and the map that shows us that dissolving is simply a part of this larger process.

Need tools for the gooey-mess stage?

  • Support your emotional heart with hawthorn and rose.

  • Use reishi to come into alignment with your life purpose (it can taste kind of gross…luckily, I gave you all a recipe for a yummy reishi hot chocolate!).

  • And sage essential oil on the soles of your feet and an occasional sniff of vetiver will keep you grounded and centered.


How do you get through the gooey-mess stage? Share with us below!