The hand chakra is located in the palm, a seat of energy for nurturing creativity and healing.

My grandmother knitted.

She knitted fancy cables, interlocking “O”s, and checkerboard patterns, alternating knit and purl. She didn’t worry if one sleeve was longer than the other (“just push it up!”) or afghans were scratchy with yarn from the bargain bin. Her hands were always busy, her conversation punctuated by the clicking of the needles.

My hands, like hers, are broad, more badger than butterfly. They’re hands meant for doing, and yet so often their main task is holding a book or tapping words onto the keyboard.

When I first discovered herbal medicine it was the hand-work which was both fascinating and intimidating. My hands had to learn a whole new language: garble, wring, and whisk. My fingers learned to discern different kinds of leaf fuzz and the varied shapes of stems. And as my hands learned, they seemed to take on new life.

Suddenly I had hands which buzzed or vibrated. Pins and needles in my palms punctuated a moving moment in a coaching session or a sudden influx of heat guided my fingers toward the berry which was ripe for picking.

There’s actually a chakra in the palm of each of your hands. These palm chakras are, not surprisingly, associated with creativity and openness.

My teacher used to say all of us have the power to bless and as my palm chakras came alive I found I could easily lay hands on a bottle of herbal medicine before it headed out the door and feel the spark of energy moving through my hands and into the bottle.

Still, the habit of using my hands ebbs and flows. I spend weeks where my hands return to tap, tapping on the keyboard, recording the thoughts of my mind, deprived of a life of their own.

So this week, as the moon darkened to new, I set my hands a task: I’m learning to make rattles, stepping deep into the magic of animal medicine to work with hide and sinew. And my hands are vibrant and vibrating, purposeful and strong.

From this place, I can see why it doesn’t matter if the sleeves are two different lengths or the blankets a bit scratchy. Perfectionism lives in my mind. The energy which flows through my palms cares for movement and flow and the gifts of giving.

Ready for a little hand activation?

Try using smudge or moxa on your palms. And if you feel like the energy can’t even reach your hands, like it’s stuck long before it hits shoulder or elbow, try working with prickly ash.

Not sure there’s any juice in those palm chakras? Rub your hands together, then hold them about an inch apart. Imagine a ball of energy or a flame cradled between your hands. Now, slowly, move your palms apart, feeling the energy ball grow. Now move your hands back together, sending the energy into each of your palm chakras.

Share with me in the comments below how it feels to have your hands come alive!

Big Hugs—

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